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From Floorplan to Construction – Professional Blocklaying in Coolum

At W.J Doeland Bricklaying, we prides ourselves on one thing… bringing your vision to life with beautifully constructed block structures. We combine the highest quality aggregate and cement to build properties that last for a lifetime.

Whether you’re building your first home, starting a new business, renovating or extending, our experienced designers and bricklayers make your concept a reality.

We can build properties of any size or complexity. Our professional designers and bricklayers have everything you need to build domestic and commercial properties, front fences and retaining walls.

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Why Choose Concrete Blocks?

Concrete blocks are generally cheaper to mix and construct than traditional bricks. You can save up to 25 percent on building costs by using concrete blocks for your construction project.

This is why concrete blocks are preferred when constructing large-scale offices, industrial and multi-story premises, to name a few.

Mixing concrete blocks is much less draining on our natural resources. You only need a combination of water, aggregate and cement to create concrete mix, unlike the hectors worth of wood and coal needed to produce bricks.

Concrete blocks are extremely durable and provide excellent insulation for your property. This reduces your cost of running appliances in the winter and summer.

Domestic and Commercial Construction

Our blocklaying in Coolum gives you a range of options to choose from, including:

•    Single and Multi-Storey Homes
•    Multi-Storey Apartments
•    Townhouses
•    Units
•    Commercial Offices, Hospitality Venues, Government Buildings, Retail Shops and more
•    Feature Walls and Fireplaces

Retaining Walls

Whether your priority is decoration, sound insulation, security or soil retention, we construct retaining walls for a variety of purposes. We make sure your retaining wall is built to last and suited for ideal soil conditions.

You can choose from a variety of concrete blocks including mosaic, tumbled and weathered, flat-face and three-way split blocks.

Front Fences

We give you complete control in the design of your front fence, with professional guidance from our designers. You can decorate your fence with a combination of concrete blocks, aluminium posts, lattices and slats.

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